Me I’m a data science manager and practitioner with over a decade of field experience. Trained in development, statistics, and management practices. I lead the development of data science solutions and strategies for improving business maturity in the application of data. I love my work and my teams.

In my career I have had the pleasure to use statistics to answer questions such as “How many lives would this vaccine save if it succeeds?”, “Which medical records are incomplete?”, “Which students are at risk of dropping out of high school and why?”, and “Where should we open our next store?”. I have worked extensively with Python, Javascript, SQL, R, and many other technologies. I am especially fascinated by applications of machine learning that enhance the quality of everyday life.

I grew up in a land of cold winters, hot summers, diverse beers, and much cheese. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where the profoundness of my caffeine habit is more socially acceptable, and it’s amazing here (don’t tell anyone).

I like cooking, science fiction, traveling, brewing beer, hacking, motorcycles, hiking, and my amazing family.

Resume [pdf]